BROWN’S HOTEL Mayfair, London

Date Posted:12 September 2016 

The Royal Facial Treatment


It was such a delight to meet the dynamic Lady Irene Forte for the launch of our products in the magnificent five-star BROWN’S Hotel in London. This illustrious, classic English hotel has hosted esteemed guests, from royals and presidents to world-famous authors since 1837, offering them the very best in service and facilitates in the heart of distinguished Mayfair.

Lady Irene Forte is the 27year-old daughter of English Hotel tycoon, Sir Rocco Forte. Oxford graduated Irene is in charge of the company’s training and development and the brand’s cutting-edge Spa and fitness programs in 11 Rocco Forte Hotels.


In an interview with DuJour Magazine, New York, it was wonderful to see that Irene chose our DREAM Anti-Ageing Cream as one of the products she always takes with her when travelling – one of her ‘secret weapons’ that keep her looking and feeling great with such a demanding travel agenda.


“I’m a firm believer in natural skincare products as I’m really conscious about what I put on my skin” says Irene. “I don’t believe in putting harsh chemicals on my skin even if they have great results in the short term. I don’t tend to like things that are overly fancy or big high-end brands. I tend to do my own research and find brands that are right for me".



Gaylia Kristensen Anti-Ageing Cream:

“This Australian brand is truly amazing. It took Gaylia six years to create this one cream. Unlike a lot of products on the market, who include modern technologies, Gaylia’s are the only ones that I know of to have successfully pioneered naturally derived technologies rather than synthetic. There are approximately seven technologies in this one product in optimal concentrations, making it stand out from all the brands on the market that I know of”.

It is really such a great honour and pleasure to work with
Irene Forte, our UK representative Julie Cichocki and The Spa Team at the prestigious BROWN’S Hotel in Mayfair. It is worth a trip to London just to experience the absolutely extraordinary new GAYLIA SKINVIGORATION FACIAL that Julie and the BROWN’S Spa Team have created for their distinguished clients, who include members of the Aristocracy and the Royal Circle.This deep drainage, results driven facial workout will completely transform your skin!
It is the Ultimate Facial, the very best in luxury and performance, no harsh chemicals or machines required.
Your skin will look amazing!

Gaylia Kristensen, CEO and Founder

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