Date Posted:6 October 2016 

DREAM TIME RITUAL launches at Willow Stream Spa, FAIRMONT, Singapore


According to Australian Aboriginal Legend Dreamtime ‘is a blissful place beyond time and space in which the past, present and future exist wholly as one’.

From our Land of the Dreamtime comes our extraordinary new Spa Journey that will completely transform the way you look and feel.

Just launched at the world famous WILLOW STREAM SPA at FAIRMONT Singapore our innovative new Mind and Body Spa Ritual will pamper your senses, renew your soul and leave you with sensational younger looking skin.

The DREAM TIME RITUAL begins with a blissful, relaxing warm desert stone body massage with our exclusive Exotic Fragrance Oil featuring Native Australian tropical flowers and fruits. This natural fragrance oil is truly divine and totally unique. It was created especially for our brand. I call it my ‘Noosa’ fragrance after my great love of Noosa and Tropical Australia.

Our unique deep tissue body massage, to sounds from the Australia Rain Forest will release all your stress and elevate you into a completely new space of peace and tranquility.

The ultimate rejuvenating facial therapy then follows, featuring our state-of-the-art Advanced Anti-Ageing skincare products. All digital stress and tension is released with an innovative reflexology pressure point massage of the face, eyes, scalp, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.

A natural plant Collagen Infusion Face Mask then lightens and brightens the skin, while our powerful, results driven products hydrate, lift and firm, completely transforming the way you look and feel.​

Lines and wrinkles will seem to disappear, making you look at least 10 years younger.
And you will be completely relaxed, no stress, your energy and vitality totally restored.
A brand new you…ready to face the world again!

We are extremely proud of our new DREAM TIME RITUAL at WILLOW STREAM SPA Singapore.

It is a heavenly universe of dreams, in today’s intensive, fast paced world.
​Gaylia Kristensen CEO & Founder
STAY YOUNG naturally