EYE LÌFT wins UK Beauty Bible Award!

Date Posted:4 March 2020 


EYE LÌFT wins UK Beauty Bible Award!

We are so thrilled that our EYE LÌFT Intensive Eye Serum has just won a UK Beauty Bible Award in London!

These prestigious Beauty Awards are very well regarded in the UK because the products are tested and judged by a panel of 10 consumers on their skins over several months. Products are tested on REAL women in REAL life, to help find products that REALLY work.

This year over a thousand skincare products were submitted by top global beauty brands and our EYE LÌFT was judged to be one of the best and an Award Winner in the Eye Serum category.


Here is what the Beauty Bible UK has to say:  

‘A first win in the Beauty Bible Awards for this this line of 'naturally derived, results-driven skincare'. In 2010, Gaylia Kristensen launched her premium anti-ageing range in response to a need for high-performance anti-ageing products in the harsh, arid Australian climate. A sleek, lightweight, silver 30ml bottle pump-dispenses a 'poly-peptide youth complex' to tackle everything from deep frown lines to loss of elasticity; Gaylia Kristensen recommend application to the forehead area, as well as the eye zone and claim that the product is 'an effective, naturally-derived, topical alternative to Botox injections.'



  • ‘I loved the texture of this clear gel serum. When I first applied it, it absorbed quickly and easy with no residue and there was a slight tightening of the eye area. It’s comfortable and has a great effect on my slightly puffy eyes, also skin of eye area definitely softer and smoother – and fine lines less noticeable. Fabulous for wearing under make up! No greasiness to contend with. I am so scared of inheriting my mother’s baggy eyes that I always, always use an eye serum. No other products compare with this serum. You need the teeniest amount (don't depress the pump dispenser too much) and it leaves eyes refreshed, renewed and depuffed. Eye Concealer goes on better too. The info on the box states that this serum is the ultimate answer to dramatically younger looking eyes – and I believe it is, not only having lines lessened but it seems to be keeping the area around my eyes less puffy too! Fabulous results with using twice daily and not overstated. The eye serum of my dreams!’


  • ‘For anyone sceptical about using eye treatments, buy this! It works. The best product I have ever used. An amount the size of a grain of rice does both eyes. The clear gel dries slightly tacky but sinks complete after 30 seconds. Improvements were visible from day one and huge after four weeks. The dynamic lines in the corners of my eyes are shallower, under eye area feels firm and eye bags less prominent. I have been told I look different and someone asked if I’d had Botox (I hadn’t.) I will certainly buy and 100 per cent recommend – it’s an absolute dream for any woman concerned about under eye ageing!’


  • I love this eye serum. It really delivers.  It seems a bit luxury at the price, but it is a hard working every day (twice a day) product. I liked the immediate sense of coolness and eye area looked smooth and hydrated. There was no immediate effect in terms of plump, but the skin looked hydrated and radiant. After 14 days I was really impressed. My eye area looks clearer, well nourished and hydrated. The laugh lines and light wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are less marked. Skin looks in excellent condition. I have had lots of compliments on my healthy look and I think my eyes are part of this. Work has been very stressful, but I have looked good throughout so yes, this eye serum has definitely played its part. I would happily never use anything else!!’


  • ‘After two weeks of use, my fine lines were almost undetectable and there is a noticeable improvement in wrinkles. My eye zone looks much younger now, which I didn't think would be achievable without Botox. A couple of friends have commented that I look rested. It’s light, easy to use and really gives me that ‘woke’ look. I would highly recommend it to others, as it really does work on that eye area.’


We are so delighted by these fantastic comments by the judges and would love you to try our EYE LÌFT too. With its large 30ml size EYE LÌFT will last you at least 3 months using it morning and night, which works out to $2.00 per day, half the cost of a cappuccino a day!

Enjoy its fantastic award winning results!


Gaylia Kristensen, CEO and Founder

STAY YOUNG naturally



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