New Year Skincare Resolutions

Date Posted:11 January 2017 














With so many parties, lots of drinking, eating and many carefree indulgences, combined with extreme weather conditions, the holiday season can easily be the worst time of year for your skin.

Try these 5 new year resolutions, to get rid of the symptoms of the holiday season and get your beautiful, healthy, happy skin back! 


Resolution #1 – Remove your Make-Up at Night  

After a late-night out, it is hard to remember to remove your make-up. But you should really make the effort. Leaving your make-up on while you sleep can cause irreversible damage to your skin. The skin repairs itself at night and leaving your make-up on can cause uneven skin tone, dryness, redness, acne and deepening wrinkles. It also increases your exposure to free radicals leading to collagen breakdown which accelerates skin ageing. A beautiful deep cleanse with GENTLÈ is the answer.

Resolution #2 – Always Tone

Using a Toner is an absolute must. After deep cleansing use HEAVÈN Hydrating Facial Mist to tone and hydrate the skin and rebalance the ph level. This is an important protective function, helping to kill any bacteria and preventing any infections in the skin. HEAVÈN is amazing for travelling, decant a little into a small atomizer and use it as a refreshing, toning, hydrating mist to combat dryness during flights. It will save your skin from infection and dehydration.

Resolution #3 – Use a Serum

Facial Serums are highly concentrated solutions with a very small molecular structure. They are quickly absorbed and penetrate deeply into the skin. They lift, firm and tighten the skin with a unique combination of anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides. EYE LÌFT, UTOPÌA and WHITE MAGÌC are our powerful, super-charged Super Serums. 

Resolution #4 – Exfoliate Regularly

If you want your skin to glow with youthful health and vitality, then exfoliation is a must. Polish and perfect your skin with VELVÈT twice per week.

Resolution #5 – Take care of your Hands

Don’t give your age away! Make sure you have beautiful, younger looking hands. In our fast-paced world we tend to forget our hands and they are so important. SÌLK is the Secret!


Happy New Year! Healthy, happy skin!


Gaylia Kristensen CEO & Founder

STAY YOUNG naturally

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