PASSÌON wins UK Award

Date Posted:8 June 2019 


PASSÌON wins UK Beauty Short List Award 2019

We are so thrilled and delighted that PASSÌON Treatment Oil has won the Editor’s Choice Beauty Short List Award in the UK.

This exceptional product is loved globally for its amazing rejuvenating powers.

A completely natural oil-based miracle, it transforms dry, dehydrated skin.

With its rich, luxurious combination of high-grade, organic Australian Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E, its serum-like formula will rehydrate, repair and renew your skin overnight while you sleep.

Here’s some HOT TIPS for using PASSÌON:

  • PASSÌON was designed as an alternative to a night cream for the face and neck. It is ideal for very dry skin or for those nights when you feel like your skin needs a moisture boost.
  • For maximum results massage into to the face and neck after applying your Serums.
  • You can also mix 1 or 2 pumps of PASSÌON into your DREAM or DELUXE Cream at night to give your skin an extra moisture boost. This creates the most magnificent emollient cream you will ever experience. And you can regulate how much moisture your skin needs. Some days you will need more than others, especially if you have been in dry, windy conditions, in very hot or cold climates.
  • PASSÌON rehydrates dry scalp and hair. Massage 2-3 pumps into the scalp and steam it in with a warm towel.
  • Massage PASSÌON into hands and nails at night. It helps strengthen the nails and is a brilliant cuticle treatment.
  • PASSÌON will help repair dry, sun damaged skin. Use after a day on the beach. It’s an Aussie Lifesaver!
  • Use PASSÌON to heal dry lips. No more need for Lip balm.
  • Take PASSÌON with you winter skiing. It is the best night-repair treatment for dry skin on the slopes.
  • Menopause can give you very dry, irritated, sensitive skin. PASSÌON is the answer.
  • Air-conditioned offices and central heating dehydrate skin. Use PASSÌON to rebalance moisture levels.
  • Use as an in-flight or after-flight treatment to combat skin dehydration when flying. I take it everywhere! It is a must-have travel companion.
  • When travelling you will find PASSÌON will change viscosity with the climate. In warm climates it will be thinner and in cold climates it will appear thicker. This is normal for an all-natural, oil-based product. Shake the pump well first and then pump several times to remove the top layer before use.
  • Therapists in 5-Star Luxury Spas around the world love PASSÌON and use it as a massage oil in all their Rolls Royce Facial Treatments. Use PASSÌON anywhere on your body - face, neck, hands, arms, legs, feet, elbows for silky soft, smooth, glowing skin.

I hope you love using this fantastic natural, award-winning product.

Gaylia ♥

Gaylia Kristensen, CEO and Founder

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