When you need a little Magic

Date Posted:10 August 2017 

WHITE MAGÌC Anti.Ageing Brightening Serum

Does your skin feel tired, lack lustre, like it needs a little Magic?

Summer sun and winter cold can seriously dehydrate and distress your skin.

That’s why I asked our Chemists to create the World’s First Super Serum.

One Serum that does it all! A Serum that smooths out lines and wrinkles, lifts and firms…AND helps with pigmentation issues all at the same time.

So they created WHITE MAGÌC…the Ultimate Super Serum.

It’s 2 Serums in one product. It has all the same ingredients as UTOPÌA…plus…an incredible skin brightening technology that we are the FIRST in the World to use.

This technology is derived from Vitamin E and is a melanin suppressor. This means that it will help stop dark age spots and sun spots from developing and prevent skin damage from UV radiation. It is prevention rather than cure.

It will NOT bleach or whiten your skin. It has no harsh chemical acids or hydroquinone unlike most other skin brightening products. I refuse to use these aggressive chemical ingredients, as they are extremely damaging to your skin both in the short and long term. And the damage they can cause can be irreversible.

Instead you have a powerful Serum that you simply use morning and night under your DRÈAM or DÈLUXE Cream and it will do all the work for you!

It is NOT an ‘instant fix’ or a fashion fad. It is a serious long-term, natural solution to younger, brighter more even looking skin. Beautiful skin that radiates a stunning brighter youthful glow. No more sun or age spots to be seen!

You will see your lines and wrinkles start to soften within 7 days, skin will then lift and firm in 30 days, then the magic will start to happen, skin will appear brighter, lighter and more even in 60 days. So be patient and let this amazing Super Serum work its Magic!

I hope you enjoy this truly unique product.


Gaylia Kristensen, CEO and Founder

STAY YOUNG naturally



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