Date Posted:15 April 2021 



Today as climate change and sustainability become of major global concern, we are proud of the initiatives that we are taking to help protect our planet and our environment.

As an Australian skincare company, we have always been focussed on natural beauty. We have true love and respect for our magnificent natural environment. Unique Australian native plants and animals, and phenomenal landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. We are a land that is truly blessed with natural beauty, rich and rare.



To help protect our precious, delicately balanced environment, we have taken steps to make sure that our products are as sustainable as possible for a high-tech luxury brand.

We are restricted by some measure, as to the packaging we can use, by the high-tech nature of our active ingredients and technologies that need to be preserved to the very highest standards, to make sure the efficacy of our products is not compromised in any way.



So to help protect our precious natural world our company:

  • Always uses natural ingredients wherever possible.
  • Always uses organic extracts and organic oils whenever possible.
  • Has never tested any products on animals and never will.
  • Ensures all our packaging is recyclable.
  • Uses recycled cardboard in our boxes.
  • Uses natural pure jojoba oil beads instead of plastic micro-beads.
  • Packs our serums in large 30ml and 50ml size airless pumps to give great value and reduce the number of cosmetic containers being used.
  • Packs our orders with bio-degradable foam beads made from corn and potato starch, which dissolve naturally in water leaving no residue.



We are proud to be a pioneer in the new field of natural molecular cosmetics and will always be focussed on creating powerful, scientifically advanced products that will help you STAY YOUNG, naturally and sustainably.


Gaylia Kristensen, CEO and Founder

STAY YOUNG naturally