Our Brand



The latest scientific innovations and pure luxury unite to create a dynamic range of contemporary, cutting edge, anti-ageing treatment products that are the ultimate in sophistication and performance.

POWER…the power of nature captured

PERFORMANCE…the unparalleled performance of the world’s best Youth Actives

PASSION…sensual products that are a true luxury experience

This is anti-ageing as you have never experienced it before.

Cosmeceuticals have never been so sensual, so luxurious… so exceptional.



Our company believes that scientifically advanced Cosmeceuticals should also be premium, luxury products…the look, the feel, the touch, the smell.

This focus on the true luxury experience makes our products totally unique, totally exceptional.

Exclusive Fragrances have been created especially for these products. These superb, naturally derived Fragrances have been designed and created in Australia to strict European COLIPA standards. They are of an extremely low allergen nature and feature a sensuous blend of Australian tropical fruits, tropical florals, fresh citrus, coconut and vanilla…stunningly delicious.